Relevance of technology application. . .

SO! whilst taking shop to a couple of my “teacher friends” last night, we started discussing the new HSIE curriculum, and whether or not the content in our curriculums teaches kids knowledge, or skills?
To set the scene, we all work at different schools and teach different subjects- however, we were SPECIFICALLY talking about being a digital citizen, leaving a digital footprint, and integrating technology into the classroom. . .
So, of course, Edmodo and Moodle are hot topic.
Brand favourabilty aside, the conversation was entirely about whether either of the two websites actually teach students SKILLS that are transferrable post school?
Both teachers are “techno-phobes” (sorry guys!!) and are ANTI-time wasting, ie; teaching kids how to use the interface takes up class time on something they will NEVER use post school. SO, why not just deliver it pen and paper- KEEP IT SIMPLE!?
My argument- whether your using a powerpoint, over head projector OR Edmodo, it isn’t HOW you deliver the lesson and content. Its what they are LEARNING. Communication, and computer use is a skill in itself, but Edmodo is just the medium like the pen and paper?
Obviously a teacher who implements this well, and is confident using technology will do it seamlessly. But thats US as teachers learning too right?
REALLY, the point of this blog post is that this gave me some food for thought for my EdmodoCon presentation, and made me think back to one of my fave design quotes “Technology should be so intuitive, so clever, you dont realise its there”

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