Research Methodologies!

SO, when marking year 11 Design Tech research task today/yesterday- only 4 students out of 18 used a book for research!!!???
ALL of them had Wikipedia on their reference list, some of course had it as their only reference. This blows my mind, as this is EVEN AFTER spending class time sourcing relevant books in the school library!!???
Is the internet THAT good that when researching assessment tasks students need not open a book?

In the marking criteria, it states “Student effectively uses a range of resources ” How can I select this if the majority are using the internet??!! I initally thought allocating marks for this would push students to research outside the internet. Lesson learnt.
SHOULD students be penalised in research tasks for solely using the internet??

If the information sourced is from quality/credible sites- does this place it on par with books and journals??
The internet makes information SO easily accessible (maybe too easy for a high school student!! hahaha). This assessment was about students BROADENING their knowledge of design using research, I am truly skeptical if internet only research allowed them do this. . . .

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