Literacy hypothesis

We have an ongoing focus on literacy- each staff member is placed into groups where we formulated hypothesis that we would like to test. The hypotheses were created as a group- ours has recently been adapted to read:
“We believe our students are challenged to make connections and need to question new words/concepts which then impacts on their comprehension.”

It is my task to TEST knowledge transfer between literacy tasks that are faculty specific, tomorrow is when I am teaching and implementing a written WORK FLOW PLAN scaffold for year 8 food-tech students to use when following a recipe.
The idea behind the work flow is that students are transferring the recipe method into a work flow pro-forma that allows them to map their time-management- this will be done with my assistance and direction tomorrow.
The work flow ALSO forces students to dissect the recipe method- making connections between the practical demonstration (ie: me cooking the recipe) but also re-writing the recipe steps to again connect terminology with practical methods in cookery (the key focus of the hypothesis).
My plan of action (ie: quick lesson plan) looks like this:
  1. Intro- what are we cooking? (macaroni and cheese!! yummo!! LOVE my job!!)
  2. Activate prior knowledge- talk about recipe context- wheat based foods, ingredients on tray and how they come together to forma particular taste.
  3. Infer word meanings- look at keywords in the recipe, prompt class for meaning
  4. Skim text- Read through steps, make an equipment list on board in BLACK (add ones they have not mentioned prior to the dem in RED)
  5. Testing! Test our collaborative equipment list and progress through demonstration- draw on prior learning (knife skills using stove) as I cook.
  6. WORK FLOW- Introduce format of the workflow, discuss use. Students use demonstration to write steps/times into their own workflow plan!! (ie- each students should be the similar)
  7. Testing! Students follow THEIR work flow during period 4 as they cook on their own macaroni and cheese.
  8. Evaluation: students evaluate performance of both the cooking prac AND the importance of the work flow plan.
Tomorrow I am going to video record the lesson so that the hypothesis can be tested in the FOLLOWING lesson, when students write the work-flow without a practical demonstration or assistance for their own final prac recipes- they have to interpret the recipe themselves and transfer it into the work flow WITHOUT assistance!!
For the record- here is what I THINK will happen; students will comfortably adapt workflow plan in lesson #1. Students will be able to to infer and predict SOME of the terms they havent seen before (remembering they are at year 8 level, and aren’t experienced chefs!).
As for doing the work flow on their own during lesson #2?? I’m not too sure, I don’t believe the majority of the class are independent learners (some are and are capable)- also the temptation to ask me for help and approval is great. I think it will be best tested as homework- I can get students to SELF help on Edmodo- would this be rule breaking??
Wish me luck!!

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