A good tired. . .

Today I am exhausted. It was a 5 period day- 4 of which were double pracs.
It wouldn’t be worth it if I didn’t have these 3 successes today:
1. In year 10 Industrial tech- timber; the above completed bedside table- It was the culmination of 2 terms worth of student work, with also extra lunch times because we negotiated G&T project extensions (the top design and alternate drawer with hidden compartment). I got all warm and fuzzy when the student thanked me for all my help- and PUSHING him to make the quality better πŸ™‚
2. Year 8 Macaroni and Cheese food dem/prac; WOW!! The literacy lesson went REALLY well- students created their OWN workflow plans (hope fully the video proof plays ok! :-/) AND there was not one LUMPY white sauce!!!
Another teacher walked in and commented how “Serene and organised the kitchen atmosphere was”. This for me is a HUGE personal achievement, food technology is not my specialisation, and this practical context area I used to grapple with.
3. Year 11 Design Tech- Handed back assessment tasks, had 3 students in particular BEAMING with their results on the written report section- generally they find writing, in particular long responses difficult. NOT any more!! What a confidence booster for them to receive such good marks back after all that hard work πŸ™‚ The only downer is that my over-confident student who USED to rank number 1, is now ranked 4- how do I push the tope end students back up to raise achievement higher?? hmmmm. . . tomorrows task.

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