The power of positive feedback

I think I’m onto something!!

So I have been using Edmodo with year 7 as a bit of trial experiment- no “WORK” is posted on there. It is purely for “FLEARNING” (a word my year 8 class use to describe the FUN LEARNING we do).
Basically, the Edmodo is an EXTENSION of the classroom that students access out of class time- primarily used for communication, extension G&T tasks for them to do in spare time, extra recipes (we are doing a food rotation at the moment) and as a collaborative learning space.
In the past they have been posting images of both the food the cook at home and at school, the fun bit is they have been posting feedback/praise for each others work.
We all know as teachers that praise is motivating. But I really think the Edmodo exercise was embedded with respect and crated some serious warm fuzzies beween peers that I couldn’t create 🙂
The initial thinking behind the exercise was to get students to post their 3 ideas on Edmodo so that their classmates could help them decide which was best.
Students have to complete a writing section which asks them to EXPLAIN WHY they chose their final idea. In the past when marking I have noted students don’t give valid reasons behind their choice, nor do they explain it well.
This exercise allowed them to use their peers comments to validate and explain their choice.
The outcome was UNREAL!!
Positive reinforcement from their peers!
Better than marks 🙂

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