EdmodoCon 2011 !!!

For those of you outside the world of Edmodo, on thursday it was the FIRST EdmodoCon– an international “think-tank” of educators and ideas brought together by their passion for learning and use of Edmodo.
I re-woke at 1am (Australian time) to co-incide with Nic Borg’s session and was first astounded by how Edmodo has been reading my mind I regards to all the updates and improvements. Most exciting was the news that Edmodo “wont be going NING”, ie: its staying FREE!!
The early morning was blurred by lack of sleep, excitement, too many cups of tea and nervousness for my looming presentation!!! I presented alongside 3 other Australians in the session “Wake up Australia”, this was a massive deal to me- I felt so overwhelmed being the LAST presenter- I followed some unbelievably AMAZING teachers, no pressure!! hahahaha
The presenters were unreal- but what really amazed me overall was the ingenious nature behind the application of technologies. How seamlessly teachers integrated Edmodo, glogster, garageband, skype, apps, ipads and other tools into their lessons NOT for just the sake of using technology- BUT to enhance learning, experience across cross curriculums/stage levels and international boundaries!
I was AMAZED at how engaged everyones students were! How CHALLENGED their thinking was, but also how RESPONSIBLE for their learning they seemed- this was DEFINITELY proportionate to their enjoyment level as some of the tasks and units of work that were presented were JUST AMAZING!!!)
My key motivator from the whole 10 hour conference was how technology has extended our classroom. I LOVE that students are posting on the class Edmodo pages at all hours, it means they are thinking about learning after the school bell!
My personal post-Edmodo-Con challenge is to ENGAGE students outside our school hours- my initial thoughts came from the idea of homework- but it doesn’t necessarily need to be “work” but tasks that broaden thinking and knowledge to create more independent learners- who can apply skills outside the classroom into other aspects of their lives.
I feel like as a TAS teacher- skills in my subject area allow them to do this- I really think Edmodo and technology will me the medium to propel it.

3 thoughts on “EdmodoCon 2011 !!!

  1. Engagement outside the classroom could be fun 'homework', like finding images that influence their designs, or a challenge could be to find a good instructional video on dovetail joints (is there such a thing?). Give them ownership over what they are presenting on this online forum. I love the way it can guide collaboration. If one student can't do something, Edmodo could be the forum to help. Maybe have a new group called "The Handy Man" group, in this they can post ways to do things and innovations?? Like a to do list, help kit! 🙂

  2. I love the idea of collaboration! We are finalising assessments and junior rotations- I am definitely implementing this concept in our next rotation. . . will give me a chance to get a "bag of tricks" organised 🙂

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