Social Inequity in education. . .

I was doing my weekly readings for uni (sociology subject) which is focused on social inequity.
I felt the need to blog about it, because the CONCEPT of inequity really bothers me, the more I read the more I understand that it is SOCIETY forming this construct, my mind wandered and I started to apply the concept of inequity to education.
One example of how discrimination can be constructed is Jane Elliot’s blue eye/green eye experiment
IF you havent heard of Jane Elliot’s experiment- it’s pretty profound. In a week she constructs a class divide according to their eye colours- making blue eyed students more privileged within the classroom, also convincing them that they are smarter. Inversely- green eyes are a “middle class”, and poor brown eyed people have little to no privileges and are told they are “dumb”.
This kind of labeling had a direct affect on the students performance during this period- this divide is obviously based on physical predjudice, BUT!! the other inequity that has surface recently has been through general dialogue with colleges regarding streamed classes.

I personally am REALLY OPOSED to schools streaming classes, I do know there is data and research to say that higher bands of students excel in these environments, but what I’m REALLY concerned about is the social implications of labeling a student- is it not dissimilar to Jane Elliot’s labeling? Sure, it isn’t just based on physical attributes, but to a teenager it can be just as cruel and socially damaging.
While listening to various presenters at EdmodoCon present information about what they were and had been doing in their classrooms- I was hearing similar themes over and over. Their stories about how student learning was extended with a variety of activities that pushed conventional text book and examination boundaries I felt really once again passionate that students were pushing their limitations of what they thought their successes were BECAUSE their teachers were too.

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