Student evaluations. . .

CONTEXT: My year 7 food tech class yesterday cooked chicken burritos! Students watched the demonstration of the recipe a WHOLE WEEK PRIOR to actually doing their parc.

When the prac lesson commenced, I felt like I may as well have not done the prac?! The amount of silly questions and lack of reference to the demonstration was REALLY FRUSTRATING!
Overall the prac took longer than needed/required, was disorganised, silly obvious questions were asked! AHHHHHH!!!!

At the end of the lesson when all was cleaned up, I asked the students to do 1 piece of homework for me as a reflection- to answer the question “What can I do to improve the efficiency of my food-tech prac work”

Students either hand wrote reflection or submitted via a direct message on Edmodo. Students wrote really honest responses overall- EVERY STUDENT COMPLETED IT!!! overall they pointed out the importance of listening, organisation and also asking their classmates for help- one honest response:

So, I didn’t see the point of doing this without also discussing HOW they can improve on these points they raised. So we worked through some strategies ranging from listening better/remember back to the dem (take notes on the recipe) and be better organised in the bay (demonstrated how they can keep their benches cleaner). There was also much emphasis on the purpose of the self reflection- I was really aware that this exercise could be dwelling on the negative if students didn’t see the value in it- or where it was leading to.
NEXT lesson! students will use their own reflection as a personal measure of how well they did in the final practical- fair enough our reporting system works on marks and grades- but they should be able to self evaluate against their OWN criteria too right? Student could see the benefit in self evaluating- I will report back on thursday with how it all wet 🙂

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