Teaching Research Methodologies


A while ago I posted my thoughts about the lack of BREADTH students apply to a research task. I had set a task- which required research into both historical design practices, designers and design products.

As it was a re-do of a task I ran with the last Design and Technology cohort- from past experience I KNEW students will copy and paste if/when they can. I thought by being CLEVER and designing the assessment to have a POSTER submission, this would deter students from doing this. Ok- it did! Not one student copied and pasted- HOWEVER, only 4 students used a BOOK for research!!??


Todays opinion in the SMH dealt with the idea that students should be TAUGHT how to use internet searches- stating that by doing this students are accessing better quality information because they are discerning and objective readers.

This is a GREAT idea!  

However, still feeling slightly bruised after the year 11 task- AND reflecting back on the time spent in the LIBRARY teaching students how to access resources OTHER than the internet made me think- maybe the time spent in the library was a waste of time? 


So, my initial question still stands- Is the internet THAT good that when researching assessment tasks students need not open a book?

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