Next week I’m NOT teaching my class.

YUP! thats right, next week my year 11 Design and Technology class are teaching EACH OTHER! After an aweseome to and fro of ideas across twitter Jess Melkman suggested the idea of giving students an “envelope” of content that they had to teach. . . . PERFECT!!

This week I divided up the syllabus dot points so that they were covered and fairly distributed across classmates, an EDMODO assignment post was created so that students could access information at home.

During fridays double lesson in the LIBRARY (again my fascination about the use of books!) studetns are going to follow the following steps to plan their 15 minute revision lessons:

  1. Underline SST in the dot points
  2. Find relating theory content in exercise books/class notes
  3. Refer to OTHER textbooks/resources to see if there is any additional notes (we use the cambridge text for the course, but there are 4 other texts that are available in the library, as well as the net)
  4. Create a SUMMARY of information thats needed for the dot point
  5. Select a revision strategy 🙂
Students will also be brainstorming HOW there best revise, this will help them work out a revision strategy to implement with the class. . . I thought this would be great to work out how they best learn/revise.
AND! how timely that this is being promoted in the media! KIDS TEACHING KIDS WEEK

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