“For Arts Sake”

FRANS is a support agency for families and carers of children with disabilities. A few months ago I randomly came across their advertisement for an art auction on a social networking site. The difference between this one and any other is that they supply standard size canvases to the community, children and renowned artists and they are displayed and sold BLIND-without signatures and names on the night of the auction, all with the same starting price $65. . . .

I received my 30 x 40cm canvas last month, and this is my journey. . . .

Its title after MUCH deliberation is “In the limelight”, I didn’t put any details about the inspiration on the artwork sheet, I initially thought it should be up to the viewer, but 2 days since posting it, I wish I did!!

So, to whomever buys this, I hope you read this:

My inspiration drew directly from the children and families that that rely on FRANS for support and help, also students that I have encountered that do have mobility difficulties. . . 

The chair is symbolic for their disabilities. Such a simple item, but for some people a wheelchair is their mobility device, a necessity for independence, or a way for someone to sit down and be at their level, or for another person a chair may be their reprieve of pain from standing. The spotlight “limelight” is symbolic to the focus placed on a wheelchair or disability, maybe you see this before you actually meet the individual?.

If you would like to see  and bid on some of the other 400 works being exhibited and auctioned on the 28th September, please go to FRANS “For arts sake exhibition” for more details.


One thought on ““For Arts Sake”

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