Peats Ridge Sustainable Arts Fesival

Last year I had the WICKED opportunity to create props that were used as part of the Peats Ridge Sustainable arts and music festival, that is held at Glenworth Valley over New Years Eve.

All the props were made from upcycled fabric, and under the creative direction of Camilla Lawson- I was given a 2 bags of fabric- one was to turn old banners into 36 sails, and the other was to create a cover for the MASSIVE CHAIR !!!

The sails were constructed in stages (cutting/sewing), I averaged 6 a day for 2 weeks:

  The finished product was installed by other volunteers- the effect was UNREAL, and a lovely shady place to chill out 🙂


Well, what an EPIC but satisfying journey that was!! hahaha. Truth be told, I had never created anything so BIGGGG!!! Camilla gave me fabric that happened to have really large people printed over it. I had this amazing idea to cut the fabric and re-sew as a patchwork style cover- so that random abstract body parts appeared in odd places over the chair cover. Feet, faces, hands were cut and sewn into a geometric triangular patchwork pattern- what a work out for my applied mathematics!!! All sections were topstitched for strength.

The effect was better than expected! The chair was situated under a tree at the main stage, what a rewarding feeling having kids and people sit on it over the 3 days! Actually, it wasn’t until early on day 3 that I actually got a chance to sit on it!!


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