Teachers reflection- Not teaching my class. . .

For the past week I havent been teaching my year 11 DT class! It started out as an idea for revision, then developed into a way for students to reflect on how they best learn. . .

Each student was given a dot point to prepare a 15 minute revision lesson using materials from their text, workbooks, books from the library. The content had to engaging and relevant to the dot point.

A few things that I LEARNT:

  • Students LIKE doing revision ALL through the course, NOT JUST at the end of a topic/course
  • Students like engaging tasks that are interactive
  • Students DONT LIKE when you read from the board while they are writing- its confusing.
A few things THEY LEARNT:
  • Teaching requires planning time- and the textbooks dont always have ALL the info
  • Planning engaging and FUN tasks take more preparation time- and DONT always work
  • Writing clearly on the whiteboard isn’t as easy as it looks
Students came up with a variety of different teaching tasks- most write on the board- they did find that collating the info for each dot point took longer than they thought. ONLY TWO STUDENTS WERE NOT PREPARED AS SCHEDULED! (they told me in advanced and swapped with other students which was mature) This was surprising, it could probably be attributed to the level of responsibility they had to present the information for each others revision.
A highlight was definitely the level of confidence that they presented their information in. The preparation of notes and exercises, and for some students the LEVEL OF WRITING and CLARITY OF EXPRESSION they demonstrated was EXCELLENT!!
. . . . now I am just keen to see how their exams go. If this technique worked, it is definitely something I would do again 🙂

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