. . .Cars, cannons, CNC routers, planes AND technology!! Yup, it’s what we do in TAS!

WSIIATE – Term 4 Christmas Meeting

WHAT A SUPER AFTERNOON!! cars, cannons, solar power, CNC routers, laser cutters, vector works software, Creo, flight projects, tea trays and ALL THINGS TECHNOLOGY!!

The IIATE (Insitute of Industrial Arts Technology Educators) is a professional membership that TAS teachers SHOULD be a part of. Not only does the council organise key events for members, but the membership community itself is an important PLN for TAS teachers.

In western sydney, each term, teachers meet, eat, discuss and share ideas resources, problems- and solve them together. I am really very lucky to be involved in such a supportive PLN-  staff that attend are from different schools, but have a common goal of technology education and student learning.

Todays meet was a very successful one! If your reading this- a HUGE thank you to the gracious hosts- Peter Taylor and TAS staff at The Kings School. Superb afternoon!!

I have attached the invite and images from the meeting in the hope to encourage MORE people to join us next year. Looking at the agenda and images, you cant help but be blown away by the challenging nature of the projects, diversity of context areas, skills learnt AND the technology that is utilised. Some amazing equipment at this school that is used effectively- very, very jealous!!

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FOR information regarding IIATE membership- contact via: http://www.iiate.asn.au/

IF you live in the SOUTH COAST AREA, then there is a meeting down there! contact: STEVE DELANEY @ Warrawong High School-  steven.delaney1@det.nsw.edu.au


ORRR!!! if you are from the CENTRAL WEST- contact MATTHEW SCOTT @ The Canobalas Rural Technology High School, Orange- matthew.scott7@det.nsw.edu.au


2 thoughts on “. . .Cars, cannons, CNC routers, planes AND technology!! Yup, it’s what we do in TAS!

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