Looking ahead, aiming high, continuing my path of learning with my learners. . .

WHOAH!! what a year 2011 was!! Well, really since starting teaching there hasn’t been a “quiet” year, but during 2011 there really was a chain reaction of growth and development within my teaching practice. 

Looking back it ALL started with presenting at EdmodoCon !!!

It spawned my twitter account, blogging, teachmeets, WSiiate and a expansion of my PLN outside my school, faculty and COUNTRY!!

As a teacher of technology I am the staff member at school who is always saying “have you used/tried this in your classroom??” I thought I was overly GEEKY! but no, this year I have really found my place amongst like minded educators that are progressive thinkers!! and JUST AS GEEKY AS I AM!! 

So . . . after being asked on a twitter chat (#ntchat) what my goals for 2012 were I have TWO. . .

1. Dont stop learning: This one is HUGE for me. Since graduating from teaching in 2007 I have NOT ceased learning in a formal manner. I have been studying psychology part-time, aspiring to be a school counsellor “when I grow up”. I just successfully transferred to a Masters in Counselling!! YAY ME!!! BUT!! this is not the only type of learning I am talking about, I want to LEARN FROM MY LEARNERS, I want THEM to guide my teaching strategies with their learning needs. I want to look and listen for trends in education/technology and explore ways to make content applicable and contextual to students. I want to be an ADAPTIVE and FLUID TEACHER! 

2. Be inspired and be inpirational: We all know students work harder when they like what they are doing- it’s a teenager thing really, and no matter what, it’s true that the person in front of the room has an impact on their learning and love of learning. I dont necessarily want to be liked by my students, I WANT TO INSPIRE A CULTURE OF HARD WORK AND LEARNING IN MY CLASSROOM! I want to students to enjoy working hard knowing the reward may not be always in grades, it’s in knowledge and the feeling of accomplishment. I am a passionate teacher, I work hard, I love my subject area and content and I believe that this attitude is contagious.

These goals aren’t too big! I’m sure I will have my PLN to help along the way 🙂


YES!! I would LOVE to know 🙂


One thought on “Looking ahead, aiming high, continuing my path of learning with my learners. . .

  1. Love that we can all converse and share our learning adventures as educators! It is a breath of fresh air to engage with like minded educators, for sure!

    My goals for 2012?
    – learn the guitar
    – organize my study (just moved rooms)
    – organize my resources (online and off) loving pearltrees!
    – continue to inspire and provide a comfortable, conducive learning environment for my students.
    – continue student blogging but using a global audience not closed LMS.
    -help students understand the importance of self motivation for long term success.
    – try and try again- who knows what could be useful for learning (students or my own)
    – keep an open mind- who knows what is around the corner 🙂
    – Be still.


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