Sharing is caring. . .

As teachers we share horror stories of lessons, funny moments in class, strategies that worked and ideas for making teaching and learning BETTER.

I had the bright idea a few months ago to create a forum for TAS teachers. I am truly lucky to have a great network of teachers that I rely on for help (and encouragement) but others may/not have that, and really, what wrong with extending it?

Something that was really poignant at the teachmeet last week was the sharing , it wasn’t evident if attendees were from the public, independent or private sector. They were there because they want to share and learn.

For the record, I love technology, but I have had NO formal computing training. I set up 4 different forums (because I had no idea where to start!!) with various hosting capabilities and function before it was suggested I use phpBB . Even with the help from a friends husband (I am forever in debt for his help- he persisted through all my stupid questions!!) I felt overwhelmed.

After hours of flash tutorials, playing around with security settings and emails to Jeremy. . . . VOILA! The forum is now set up, it lives at:  

If you are a TAS teacher, I encourage you to sign up, we will only get out of this what we each put in. Share SOMETHING! Start a discussion! If you are not, the content wont be very exciting to you, but maybe you could start one for your own KLA?

It is our professional environment to collaborate and SHARE WHAT WE KNOW WITH EACH OTHER!


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