Why am I so tired?

I am exhausted.

Friday afternoon rolled round and I was dragging my legs behind me. . .  before 9pm I was flaked out on the lounge. EVEN after a mammoth 13 hour sleep I didn’t yet feel revived?? It’s Sunday morning now, Saturday night was pretty much Friday on repeat (LAME) – BUT I AM JUST SO TIRED!!


Because, this is what I have done in the past two weeks. . .

  • Attended the  TEACHMEET at which I did two presentations: “How students best learn” and a 15 minute work shop on Edmodo
  • Delivered the 6 hour White Card induction package for construction, AFTER school to 20 year 9- 12 students – this included preparing all the material/marking tests in free periods 😦
  • 3 days at YEAR 7 camp! It rained for 17 hours straight on day 2. . . enough said.
  • An EXCITING VISIT to NBCS – thanks to Liam Dunphy – I got to see their new TAS building and learning spaces!
  • Conquered a bout of cooties = a day off work post camp,  something camp related I’m sure!
  • Decided that TAS teachers needed a FORUM to be able to communicate on. There wasn’t one, so with NO background experience, I MADE ONE?  . . . yes, it was as challenging as it sounds!! BUT NOW THERE ARE 120 MEMBERS 10 DAYS LATER!!
  • Organised/held a VET Construction incursion for the concreting unit of work- the class created a concrete path in 6 hours!!
  • Had the WS-iiate term 1 branch meeting  @Cherrybrook HS
  • Ran “Crazy Hair Day For kids” to support the Leukaemia Foundation- in one day we raised just shy of $700!!

– Oh yeah, in between and around all this I went to work from 7:30am each day- planned/taught lessons, marked assessments, proof read folios, wrote TWO year 12 half yearly exams,  prepared 2 classes of reports, wrote chapter two of my book, read 120 pages of another two and still managed to find the time to do a spot of internet shopping!! 


AND!! I also need to add, that I have been doing the last TWO WEEKS WITHOUT MY COFFEE MACHINE!!! .. .it’s visiting the doctors 😦



WOW! Imagine if I wrote down what I did  for each week in the term, not just two?

Imagine if YOU did . . . it may explain why you feel tired too!!






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2 thoughts on “Why am I so tired?

  1. Hi Monique,
    Loved your slideshow! A great review of your memories! Gilroy are so lucky to have you on staff. I adore your enthusiasm and enjoy reading your reflections. How much fun does construction lOok! Can I join the class?

  2. And teachers have it easy with their 9 -3:30 jobs 😉
    Thats a tough couple of weeks. Hope there is a break in the timetable for you soon. I feel your pain – haven’t quite reached your level of work rate yet but I feel it’s on the horizon. Enjoy the upcoming holidays. You deserve a rest.

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