Showing off my students’ Design & Technology Major Design Projects !!

In the HSC course of Design & Technology students embark on a 9 month journey that starts with them sourcing a DESIGN NEED, and is completed with them creating their OWN DESIGNED SOLUTION. This Major Design Project (MDP) is weighted as 60% of their HSC assessment marks (exclusive of their school assessment marks).

The MDP challenges their creativity, applied subject knowledge and also their time management skills. This year, with a small class of 11 students, it was NOT any easier to facilitate this process. The biggest challenge FOR ME was being the CONSTANT source of motivation and direction for these students. However, I loved EVERY minute of it, the BEST moment was celebrating the completion of the MDP and their personal success with some cake 🙂

Students in my year 12 D&T class worked to create:

  • A RC (remote controlled) scaled fighter plane
  • A WIND turbine for residential use
  • Bed linen set that incorporated custom printed fabric from the students OWN sketches
  • Electronic music production tutorial website
  • A moving wall system for small apartment living
  • Graphics for a wake-skate board
  • Storage system that hangs from the ceiling
  • Silver jewellery – rings and bracelet
  • Baseball field incorporating green energy and universal design principles
  • Kitchen “step aid” built within a kickboard
  • Velcro bootie and stomp pad for surfers to enable aerial manoeuvres

3 students from this year’s cohort have been entered into the University of Wollongong Design and Technology Competition, but all of these projects are personal successes in their own right, which is why they deserve this blog post to CELEBRATE ALL THEIR HARD WORK!!


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7 thoughts on “Showing off my students’ Design & Technology Major Design Projects !!

  1. Such variety! You had products, systems and environments! #win Thanks for sharing. I miss teaching D&T too. It’s one of those subjects where you don’t feel like you’re a “teacher” at all – in the stereotypical sense. I’d have loved to have been a student in that class. I bet they had a blast despite the stress that comes with major project subjects and deadlines. Well done to you and your class Monique!

    • This was ALMOST 2 YEARS AGO!!??? WOWZERS time flies!!

      Wait till you see what this year group is coming up with! – Jaw dropping projects of quality and creativity that is well beyond their years 🙂

      The dynamic nature of subject definitely keeps me on my toes! Come back to teaching it??!

  2. Ellie says:

    Monique, the slideshow has been wonderful reference for my brother who will be doing HSC this coming year. He has been so lost figuring out the MDP requirements and goals and your entry has been of definite help to him and me in helping him out! Just a quick question if you wouldn’t mind, he’s planning to design a small bed side table with cardboard/papers but we are worried about the design being already existent elsewhere in the market and this could have any plagiarism issues? He’s begun his proposal, so he wants to stick with it, and from our research, it seems there are many designers who have designed cardboard/paper based furniture and, being entirely new to design field, we both have no clue if that would be a serious offence that he designs something that is already in the market without knowing?

    • HI Ellie, thank you so very much for your thanks! Your brothers project sounds really exciting – clever and seems like the type of project that would suit the MDP criteria for marking.

      I can’t stress enough how important it is to refer to the BOSTES marking criteria – I know it seems wordy and can be challenging to unpack, but, it is the BEST guide. For example the marking criteria for the FIRST section states:

      “Describes relevant areas of investigation (AOI) which relate clearly to
      the need, and provides direction for further action” — your brother could specifically research existing designs in the AOI – they may not just be ones made from cardboard, but also could include timber, storage systems and traditional furniture.

      “Establishes and analyses appropriate criteria to evaluate the success of the PSE” – part of his criteria could be to improve identified flaws or improvements in existing designs to suit his brief (TIP- be specific and experiment)

      Or from the second section:
      “Undertakes, evaluates and applies a range of appropriate research experimentation and design solution testing in the development of the MDP, Applies conclusions drawn from research and experimentation and design solution testing to the MDP, Justifies the selection and use of ideas and resources used for the PSE” — all relating to the application of research from AOI and experiments based on criteria/testing.

      The MDP criteria is created so that students research/evaluate existing designs and research – therefore I don’t think there is any offence if your brothers MDP is created based on existing designs – it would be AMAZING if it was BETTER – suited his brief, and demonstrated research, testing, prototyping and evaluation.

      I found this quote from which I think sums up what I am trying to say:

      “To create great work, here’s how you must spend your time:
      1% Inspiration
      9% Perspiration
      90% Justification”

      I hope I have answered your brothers question at least in part? You MUST show me how it goes and finishes 🙂

      *** MDP marking criteria found here —->

      **** MORE images of students major projects here —

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