You captured the atmosphere and excitement of the Gilroy TM! But not too forget how pivotal you, and other presenters were in making it such a success, so THANK YOU!

Your energy and passion is contagious, I am sure your students feel the same!

Can’t wait to see photos of and to meet bump when he/she arrives, I need to take lessons off you in balance- haven’t got that quite right yet!

Simon. . . THANK YOU – made my day, week and month

Simon Harper's Blog

I am enjoying some quiet time sitting outside on a lovely warm sunny spring Sunday afternoon while the family has an afternoon nap. 

Life in the last month has been an interesting whirlwind of work, home, playing with new tech and 2 more teach meets since my last post.  Like a lot of families this time of year we have all been sick. My daughter has attended day care for the first full winter and not unexpectedly she has brought home some very virulent bugs.  She has been very sick for three weeks which in turn has made it hard for us as she has not been sleeping well. 

My wife is heavily pregnant  and we are over our due date and are expecting our next child in the next couple of days which is very exciting. My mother in law has been with us for a week and this has eased the burden for all of us.


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