What can YOU do with a piece of fabric? . . .or a length of timber?

What can YOU do with a piece of fabric?

My fave part of teaching in a practical course is watching students transform their fabric/timber into items of soft furnishings, clothing, toys or timber products, decorating them to their individual tastes and styles and employing skills and processes learnt in technology units.


This is only a quick post, but I wanted to collate some of the extraordinary and creative work Gilroy students have done in my classes- and as you can see from the images, even though they work to a design brief and with constraints their final outcomes are unique and demonstrate some clever use of recycled materials and processes.


Projects pictured include:

  • Year 7 textiles technology – interior design/cushion
  • Year 7 mixed materials technology – product/light design
  • Year 9 Industrial Technology -timber: treasure chest
  •  . . . and a whole heap of random pics 🙂


What an awesome year it has been !!!

IMG_3786 IMG_3733 IMG_3726 IMG_3724 IMG_3699 IMG_3648 IMG_3647 IMG_9570 IMG_9552 IMG_9541 IMG_9540 IMG_9536 IMG_3523 IMG_3275 IMG_3274 IMG_3273 IMG_3082 IMG_3059 IMG_2658 IMG_2657 IMG_2470 IMG_2413 IMG_2350 IMG_2349 IMG_2065 IMG_2064







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