My pledge. . .

This post was initiated by two things: the fact that there are loads of blog posts written with 2013 goals, mottos for the new school year AND the fact that I don’t have any.

If you know me, you would know that I am not without goals and aspirations, but, I’m in a pretty happy place right now: in a job I love, teaching what I am passionate about and working with kids and people I care about. So really in my career right now, what personal goals could I aspire to?

2013 will bring lots of challenges, especially as I have a new job role at Gilroy (Leader of E-Learning), but, to be honest, I have not set a “goal” for this role either. As my twitter feed filled up with goals from others over the month of January, I started to wonder – HAVE I GOTTEN TOO COMFY? WILL I GO STALE WITHOUT GOALS?? . . . WHY DON’T I HAVE ANY ???

Yesterday I had this major epiphany about my goals, what a glorious moment that was – I comfortably realised I DON’T NEED ANY GOALS. . . Just for perspective, this glorious moment happened whilst standing at the photocopier scanning docs, and because you weren’t watching or nearby that glorious moment may have looked something like this:


For the record, no I did not take a selfie whilst at the photocopier, these images were taken when I FIRST received my staff laptop from John Therry High School in 2006. These images were taken at a time when I did NOT know how to turn an APPLE DEVICE on, let alone know how to operate photobooth (see futile attempt above) and that SCARY time before 1:1 begun. But, what has followed in the time since these images were taken has been a really fun journey of learning. Learning how to use a zillion different programs, apps, photocopiers, printers, websites, wiki’s, blogs, LMS’s, devices, gadgets, portals and coding — >EFFECTIVELY . . . . sheesh !!! no wonder I looked frustrated in some of the pics above, think of all the stuff I did NOT YET KNOW!! 

So, my epiphany came from that moment. I don’t need personal goals. My students, peers and environment can drive my learning and journey this year. But what I do need to do is make a pledge. . . . So here it goes:

“I, Monique Dalli, Leader of E-Learning  at Gilroy Catholic College, TAS teacher, technology junkie, nerd and geek, solemnly swear to NEVER EVER belittle or underestimate my colleagues. I promise to be compassionate when technology “isn’t bloody working” and help. I will aim do my utmost to assist my colleagues in their professional development, and in this role remember that the focus is not on “technology for technologies sake”, but on learning.

Looking forward to all that 2013 brings. Without a goal, but with BIG promises to keep.


2 thoughts on “My pledge. . .

  1. Well said, Monique! I so truly love your pledge! Your post reminded me of a couple things I’ve come across recently that have made me even more uncomfortable with the notion of goals, and SMART goals in particular. I watched a short vid the other day, recommended by @7MrsJames on “fuzzy vision”, motivation and goals – what happens when you set one and don’t fulfil it? But the fuzzy vision idea is about having a general idea of where you’re headed, but being open and flexible to what happens along the way. And there was the Harvard Business Review post about NOTsetting goals… So you’re not a nerd or a geek at all – you’re at the front of the next wave! (Dr Jason Fox: and Peter Bregman’s post

  2. Flexibility in education is a sturdy characteristic to possess! Congrats again on your new role- fantastic news and one where you will continue to flourish! I am so pleased Gilroy were able to recognise your enthusiasm and abilities!

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