11 sleeps till I’m thirty.

photo 1 (1)

Yup, I’m counting the sleeps !!

My first “when I grow up moment” was that I wanted to “make stuff” – I was definitely inspired by all the creative types around me. Today whilst moving junk and stuff to get my carpets cleaned at home I stumbled across some old to-do lists, drawings, a maths merit award, photos. . . . and then a little self reflection happened. . .

When I was little . . . I coloured in, drew, painted, played with toilet rolls and made them into light sabres!  I loved LEGO, loved it even more that my brother Nathan had LEGO TECHNICS and that we could make stuff together that MOVED! I used to BEG my brother Adam to do my school title pages for me, he would create these crazy graffiti style cover pages that I would later colour in. I spent quite a bit of weekend time in my Dad’s office – he worked for a kitchen design company and while I was there he would do sketches of interiors and kitchen designs that I would then copy and re-create with ridiculous colour schemes. Family birthdays were an excuse to make a present and a handmade card – I have a large family, so there were LOTS of cards!!  My parents joked that I would later work for Hallmark! hahaha

I spent a lot of time with my family growing up. The women in my life: Nanna, Aunt Maria, Mum and Step Mum – were all crafty seamstresses. I learnt to sew, knit, make fabrics and created outfits for my Ninja Turtle figurines !! Later when I was a little older my Grandfathers – both clever woodworkers taught me how to use workshop machinery and we made “stuff” together, I turned pens, bowls, repaired furniture, made boxes and toys. My Dad’s father was a magician, he had a wicked sense of humor and could make something out of nothing- he was a real life McGyver! I learnt how to read instructions, work from patterns, problem solve and cheat at card games.

I can directly attribute these memories to my manual dexterity, passion for crafting, design and love of sharing creativity and the process of making with others. When I decided to do a design course at uni, there was no question that was what was meant to be. When I enrolled back into uni into my second degree- education that was serendipity! What a happy space I am in right now, how fortunate that I love what I do!

In 11 sleeps I will be 30, I have no idea what my birthday wish will be?

I don’t really “write goals” – but tackle everything that I do with a passion to learn as much as I can! I have just finished writing my first text book, a Dot Point text for HSC Design and Technology, and I am now partway through writing the Preliminary text. This interrupted plans to complete my masters last year, I made a decision rather than write AND do a masters I would instead focus on keeping my standard of work high and not overstretch myself. Some aims I have for my career are to teach at university – specifically working back in design and also with pre-service teachers in education and later, to eventually work in curriculum development. Maybe I will have time to squish my masters in before all that?!

In the 11 sleeps before my birthday and the reminder of the school holidays I am going to spend time reading, I just enrolled into a Silver Jewellery course- so I might draw some ideas, do some writing/research and tackle more of my crocheted blankie 🙂

photo 5

My year 11 school photo – Mum went CRAZY that I put a FLURO RED streak in my hair days before school photo – it got brushed back, my nose ring had to be on the OTHER side of the camera also! hahaha

Me now - coloured hair still, not much has changed ;)

Me now, almost 30 – coloured hair still, not much has changed 😉


8 thoughts on “11 sleeps till I’m thirty.

  1. What a gorgeous post! You are one special dude Mon! You are an inspiration to so many; a beautiful soul. You have achieved much in a short time. Congrats and enjoy all that is to come. It will certainly be amazing!

  2. Great reflective post.

    You have squeezed so much into your life so far, and there is still so much more to do…

    Keep the passion going!

    PS life doesn’t begin until 40, so you still have lots of time to play 🙂

  3. Monique
    What a beautiful reflective post. You have crammed so much in to your life and you have a maturity beyond your years. I had a feeling you liked dress ups and I really relate to making light sabres and playing Star Wars. So very cool and daggy all at the same time. You have captured your essence in this post and allowed all of us to reflect on what it was like for us to grow up.

  4. As a slightly younger (2 years!) design/computing educator this post is a huge inspiration for me. I hope to follow a similar path – squeeze in a Masters, try my hand at teaching outside of the school system, contribute to a textbook or resource development. But then I keep getting pulled down another path – travel, teaching overseas, social media, teaching teachers, writing and the graphic design career I opted to turn into a teaching career.

    Did you feel conflicted at all by the “what do I really want to do?” question around the 27-28 mark? I suppose I could do them all! The problem is… what order do I do them in?

    Hope you have a fantastic birthday and I look forward to seeing the next 10 years of your journey via blogs, Twitter or whatever social media technology inevitably replaces them. Also on my to-do list is to get D&T running at my current school so I can utilise your textbook! Did Lego feature in the textbook?!

    • YES! I always feel conflicted about the “what I really want to do” question!! . . . I still love design, but, for now I love the classroom more 🙂 . . .I don’t know about you, but I can’t say no, and I am interested in so much of the extra curricular activities of school and life!! So that always keeps me too busy.

      I think other teachers around age would agree that we feel competent as teachers around the 27-28 mark, but don’t really have a new challenge other than what we find for ourselves? (unless you are already in a leadership role or similar)

      Thanks so much for the b’day wishes Gemma 🙂

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