How “Integrated Learning” cross-curricular units work at Gilroy WITH 1:1 iPads


Solar powered robots - science link (power)

Solar powered robots – science link (power)

Over the past few months I have been chatting to teachers about cross-curricular projects and how they can logistically work in schools. Gilroy has been in a special position because historically there is a timetabled allocation for “Integrated Learning” in year 7.  This subject WAS started to use an “Intel” program, it later morphed into an ICT course, programmed to include the use of laptops students created movies, completed photoshop courses and learnt about different software packages.

This year was the first that students at Gilroy have had iPads, this change meant that the curriculum had to change as the technology had changed. I used this opportunity to create NEW cross-curricular units of work that used the ipad.

My only plans when creating units was to:

  • Include a digital citizenship module AND embed this into remaining course
  • Have options for extension, experimentation, play and groupwork
  • Each unit have a project outcome
  • Each unit have clear cross-curricular content that is purposefully mapped/matched to subject scopes
  • Progression in technological skills
  • Explicitly teach technological skills that could be transferred into other classrooms and contexts
  • Use feedback from staff that currently/previously taught IL

After I researched possible projects, looked closer at the Fluency Project, I created a scope and sequence based on a draft I hand wrote:

7 Scope and Sequence

7 Scope and Sequence

Then I began programming. So far students have completed 3 terms of these programs, they have run successfully with the aid of teachers who are willing to experiment and problem solve.  I have been relying on the teachers reflection on program registration to work on improving units for 2014. The hiccups along the way have mainly been concerned with the digital submission of projects, something that I am now working towards fixing.

Feel free to USE these programs, share your cross curricular units or send some feedback!





MY ROBOT IL program

MONSTERS IL program – – – thank you to the author of the book for allowing us to use his content!


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