Creativity, making, learning. . .

There are fond memories in my life that have shaped me into a maker, a designer, a problem solver and a creative soul. Memories of standing on a stool while my Pa worked on his lathe, sawdust going between my ankles and socks, sitting at the dining table while my Mum sewed – using scraps to make finger puppets or scrunchies, Nana asking if I was cold – the next visit I would have a beautiful new handmade knit made especially for me. . .


While I teach design at high-school level, I practice my craft in works and projects of my own, to not only further develop my skills but to also promote a passion for design. In projects, I like to combine traditional techniques with advanced technologies to create imaginative design pieces. Recently I started spending Tuesday nights at The Happenstore, using the weekly craft night in as an opportunity to embark on a journey to continually develop my skills, my blog is also a reflective journal of my learning, experimentations and making. . . .



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