Who am I ??


Me now - coloured hair still, not much has changed ;)

I teach at a Catholic, co-educational high school in Australia.

I am the Director of Learning and Innovation at Emmaus Catholic College in Kemps Creek, managing the 1:1 iPad program, blended classes, training and support for students and staff and technology integration. I work within the TAS faculty, specialising in Building and Construction, Design and Technology and Industrial Tech-Timber.

I am MADLY trying to juggle teaching/life, keeping balance is difficult at times- especially since I have had the opportunity to write my first text book- a DOT POINT text for HSC Design and Technology, following that up with a Prelim text!!

Highlights of the last few years as an educator have been: presenting at ISTE in Texas 2013, heading to San Francisco to present at EdmodoCon in 2014 and being part of an awesome professional community of avid TeachMeet-ers in Sydney.

As well as these formal roles within school I am a passionate member of the IIATE (Institute of Industrial Arts Technology Education), supporting the IIATE by co-ordinating the Western Sydney Branch Meetings, ESNET and the IIATE website – and generally a do-er of stuff 🙂

I am stupid busy ALL the time and I love it that way!!


7 thoughts on “Who am I ??

  1. Steve says:

    I teach at an all girls catholic school in the US and am in the process of grant writing to obtain a laser cutter for our design dept. I currently teach graphic and industrial design, and this year we brought in our first 3d printer. If you have a chance, could you please send me some of the pros from your experience of teaching with a laser cutter in the design department of your school? Thanks, and have a great day.

  2. Cassandra Williams says:

    This is an excellent Blog Monique. Currently studying at SCU to be a textiles/food tech teacher in NSW I am finding many topics of interest and relevance to my study and can see many examples of what I am learning being put into practice in the school environment!

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