Crochet Pattern Reading


I can’t remember when I learnt to crochet, just like knitting it is something that my Mum taught me to do that was instinctive based on the look of the stitches, I understand the shape the trebles and chains create and only recently learnt how to read a pattern. Pattern reading has become one of my craft night goals, the ladies there have become my brains trust for recommendations, deciphering instructions and support through reading patterns. Jackie gave me her pattern and assisted me to start, initially walking me through the schematic image to match the techniques I knew to create a triangular shawl. . . .



Resources for new skills I learnt

Crochet pattern schematic key:



Creativity, making, learning. . .

There are fond memories in my life that have shaped me into a maker, a designer, a problem solver and a creative soul. Memories of standing on a stool while my Pa worked on his lathe, sawdust going between my ankles and socks, sitting at the dining table while my Mum sewed – using scraps to make finger puppets or scrunchies, Nana asking if I was cold – the next visit I would have a beautiful new handmade knit made especially for me. . .


While I teach design at high-school level, I practice my craft in works and projects of my own, to not only further develop my skills but to also promote a passion for design. In projects, I like to combine traditional techniques with advanced technologies to create imaginative design pieces. Recently I started spending Tuesday nights at The Happenstore, using the weekly craft night in as an opportunity to embark on a journey to continually develop my skills, my blog is also a reflective journal of my learning, experimentations and making. . . .


T-Shirt yarn projects – Textile industry waste

Before these T-Shirt yarn projects I had never crocheted in the round using a magic loop method for cast on, using this new technique I created a yarn basket as well as a baby rug:


Resources for new skills I learnt

Magic loop –

Crochet rug pattern I used as a starter –


I have now been saving/collecting T-Shirts so that I can make my own T-Shirt yarn (rather than using premade t-shirt yarn).  I am thinking of it as a way to repurpose old clothing as well as the opportunity to use the same techniques with non-textile items as the material – such as plastic bags or re-woven textile waste materials (collecting various waste materials, cut offs and selvedges) . . .


“Australians are currently disposing of 6,000 kilograms of fashion and textile waste every 10 minutes, and while some of it may go to op shops, only about 15 per cent of donations are actually sold again locally.”