BYOD workshop materials – apps, online tools and how you ACTUALLY DO BYOD in the classroom.

Excitably this year at the IIATE conference I ran a workshop on BYOD (bring your own device).

How can portable devices such as tablets, smart phones, laptops, iPads and iPods be integrated effectively into technology classes to enhance learning?
Online tools, apps, games and websites that are relevant to a wide variety of TAS subjects will be demonstrated. Bring your own device on the day (ALL platforms and device types are welcome).”

Here is my prezi introducing the concept/idea of BYOD- – – – > PREZI 

In the weeks prior to the workshop I employed the help of my PLN to gather additional resources, because other teachers in my PLN teach in differing subject areas AND different device types AND they are pretty clever!

Some of the responses looked like this:

I went through each app that was suggested compiling a list that worked with my workshop sections/audience (keeping in mind my workshop was for TAS teachers in a high school setting):

  1. APPS

THIS info I then put into these handouts to be used on the day.

I chose to use QR codes as they are a GREAT way of getting A LOT of info into a small space – each QR code on the handout contained WHAT the tools DOES and HOW it could be integrated into the classroom. I can also attribute the groovy layout to comic life, SO EASY!!


Apps for BYOD

Websites for students BYOD

Stuff for teachers




Why am I so tired?

I am exhausted.

Friday afternoon rolled round and I was dragging my legs behind me. . .  before 9pm I was flaked out on the lounge. EVEN after a mammoth 13 hour sleep I didn’t yet feel revived?? It’s Sunday morning now, Saturday night was pretty much Friday on repeat (LAME) – BUT I AM JUST SO TIRED!!


Because, this is what I have done in the past two weeks. . .

  • Attended the  TEACHMEET at which I did two presentations: “How students best learn” and a 15 minute work shop on Edmodo
  • Delivered the 6 hour White Card induction package for construction, AFTER school to 20 year 9- 12 students – this included preparing all the material/marking tests in free periods 😦
  • 3 days at YEAR 7 camp! It rained for 17 hours straight on day 2. . . enough said.
  • An EXCITING VISIT to NBCS – thanks to Liam Dunphy – I got to see their new TAS building and learning spaces!
  • Conquered a bout of cooties = a day off work post camp,  something camp related I’m sure!
  • Decided that TAS teachers needed a FORUM to be able to communicate on. There wasn’t one, so with NO background experience, I MADE ONE?  . . . yes, it was as challenging as it sounds!! BUT NOW THERE ARE 120 MEMBERS 10 DAYS LATER!!
  • Organised/held a VET Construction incursion for the concreting unit of work- the class created a concrete path in 6 hours!!
  • Had the WS-iiate term 1 branch meeting  @Cherrybrook HS
  • Ran “Crazy Hair Day For kids” to support the Leukaemia Foundation- in one day we raised just shy of $700!!

– Oh yeah, in between and around all this I went to work from 7:30am each day- planned/taught lessons, marked assessments, proof read folios, wrote TWO year 12 half yearly exams,  prepared 2 classes of reports, wrote chapter two of my book, read 120 pages of another two and still managed to find the time to do a spot of internet shopping!! 


AND!! I also need to add, that I have been doing the last TWO WEEKS WITHOUT MY COFFEE MACHINE!!! .. .it’s visiting the doctors 😦



WOW! Imagine if I wrote down what I did  for each week in the term, not just two?

Imagine if YOU did . . . it may explain why you feel tired too!!






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Lasers, rotary cutters, 3D printers!! TERM 1 2012 – – -> WS-iiate Branch meeting

TERM 1 2012 – – -> WS-iiate Branch meeting

ON thursday arvo 15 keen TAS teachers gathered at Cherrybrook Technology High School to discuss ALL THINGS TAS!


  • Demonstration of rotary cutter on mill
  • WHS – updated information for TAS teachers
  • YICTE- Video conference for IT competition-
  • Laser cutter demonstration
  • Roland 3D printer demonstration

Minutes can be found here – – -> WS-iiate term 1 2012 meet

LASER CUTTER VIDEO- – -> on vimeo here!!

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What WAS REALLY GREAT was the turn out of teachers from different sectors- we all have same thing in common, a love of our content area and a commitment to our students learning!

IF you wish to attend the NEXT WESTERN SYDNEY meeting, I can be contact via email: OR

FOR information regarding IIATE membership- contact via:

IF you live in the SOUTH COAST AREA, then there is a meeting down there! contact: STEVE DELANEY @ Warrawong High School-

ORRR!!! if you are from the CENTRAL WEST- contact MATTHEW SCOTT @ The Canobalas Rural Technology High School, Orange-

Sharing is caring. . .

As teachers we share horror stories of lessons, funny moments in class, strategies that worked and ideas for making teaching and learning BETTER.

I had the bright idea a few months ago to create a forum for TAS teachers. I am truly lucky to have a great network of teachers that I rely on for help (and encouragement) but others may/not have that, and really, what wrong with extending it?

Something that was really poignant at the teachmeet last week was the sharing , it wasn’t evident if attendees were from the public, independent or private sector. They were there because they want to share and learn.

For the record, I love technology, but I have had NO formal computing training. I set up 4 different forums (because I had no idea where to start!!) with various hosting capabilities and function before it was suggested I use phpBB . Even with the help from a friends husband (I am forever in debt for his help- he persisted through all my stupid questions!!) I felt overwhelmed.

After hours of flash tutorials, playing around with security settings and emails to Jeremy. . . . VOILA! The forum is now set up, it lives at:  

If you are a TAS teacher, I encourage you to sign up, we will only get out of this what we each put in. Share SOMETHING! Start a discussion! If you are not, the content wont be very exciting to you, but maybe you could start one for your own KLA?

It is our professional environment to collaborate and SHARE WHAT WE KNOW WITH EACH OTHER!

. . .Cars, cannons, CNC routers, planes AND technology!! Yup, it’s what we do in TAS!

WSIIATE – Term 4 Christmas Meeting

WHAT A SUPER AFTERNOON!! cars, cannons, solar power, CNC routers, laser cutters, vector works software, Creo, flight projects, tea trays and ALL THINGS TECHNOLOGY!!

The IIATE (Insitute of Industrial Arts Technology Educators) is a professional membership that TAS teachers SHOULD be a part of. Not only does the council organise key events for members, but the membership community itself is an important PLN for TAS teachers.

In western sydney, each term, teachers meet, eat, discuss and share ideas resources, problems- and solve them together. I am really very lucky to be involved in such a supportive PLN-  staff that attend are from different schools, but have a common goal of technology education and student learning.

Todays meet was a very successful one! If your reading this- a HUGE thank you to the gracious hosts- Peter Taylor and TAS staff at The Kings School. Superb afternoon!!

I have attached the invite and images from the meeting in the hope to encourage MORE people to join us next year. Looking at the agenda and images, you cant help but be blown away by the challenging nature of the projects, diversity of context areas, skills learnt AND the technology that is utilised. Some amazing equipment at this school that is used effectively- very, very jealous!!

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FOR information regarding IIATE membership- contact via:

IF you live in the SOUTH COAST AREA, then there is a meeting down there! contact: STEVE DELANEY @ Warrawong High School-


ORRR!!! if you are from the CENTRAL WEST- contact MATTHEW SCOTT @ The Canobalas Rural Technology High School, Orange-