Thrifty Re-Use project- DOONA COVER

Thrifty Re-Use project!

I need a new doona cover to match my flanelette sheets- seeing as I dont use the TOP sheet, I worked out how I could cut it and put it together with $8.95/m Ikea fabric to make a new doona cover and 2 pillow cases !!


queen quilt = 180 x 210 cm

pillow = 51 x 76 cm


3m IKEA fabric- NOTE, its only 150cms wide, therefore the three strips made in step 1 make a contrast edging

1 Flat sheet- unpick fold to obtain extra length for step 1

Doona Cover instructions:

1. Cut 3 x 22cm strips from ACROSS the bottom of the flat sheet

2. Pin/sew these strips around the 2 sides and bottom of a 215cm long strip of the IKEA fabric,  leaving the top edge as is. Top stitch those seams. (TIP ! DO SIDES FIRST as you would when quilting)

3. Lay TOP and FLAT SHEET right sides touching, matching the top edge, trim excess from the SIDES ONLY of the flat sheet

4. At the bottom (where the “flap” buttons sit) cut leaving 6cms extra.

5. Machine sew a seam on this edge (2cm seam allowance). Fold flat sheet into 4 longways to position buttons, marking with a pin. Add 4 button holes (or more??). Using an iron press this seam folding back onto the wrong side.

6. Finish the bottom edge of the TOP piece.

7. Again lay 2 pieces together, right sides touching. Pins along all edges making sure the seam with the button holes folds on the outside like a flap.

8. Sew, and add buttons.