Day #1 of NOT teaching the class. . .

WOW !!! What an awesome morning that was!!


Started out with this activity:

So then, I flipped the board over and we discussed different ways they could revise to implement the above:

The lesson followed with students using a mix of theory notes, text books and dictionaries (YAY for books!!) to complete a set of notes that matched up with allocated dot-points.


Was REALLY good to see students engaged and thinking about HOW they learn !! Lots of discussion on what keeps them engaged, what techniques used can help them remember definitions and key words and HOW they would implement this in their lesson.




Interesting that the point was made by more than one student that they dont like classes that go from start to end WITHOUT any interaction between them and the teacher AND they dont mind if there is no technology involved, as long as they are STILL engaged!!


They now have days allocated for their revision lessons, I CANT WAIT !!! 🙂