First world problems- buying jeans, and being short! . . . turning flares into straight leg jeans



First problem- I bought jeans that were too long, they were $29.95 with an extra 50% off, I couldn’t resist the bargain and set about hemming them this evening. . .

THEN!!! As soon as I cut them to the correct length I wasn’t happy, being a flared leg I had cut them off at the widest point making me look shorter. Not cool.

Solution!!! Makes into a straight cut by slimming down the leg width, here is how I did it:

1. Use another pair of pants as a guide, this saved me so much time! Use a fabric marker to etch a gradual line from the OUTSIDE LEG SEAM ( this is important, because the inner leg seam is normally top stitched for strength)

2. Pin, and then sew a straight stitch at a stitch length of 4( this will enable easy unpicking if needed) – turn inside out and try on. If it is not slim enough, re sew next to existing stitches, no need to unpick unless it is too tight.

3. If it is correct, adjust stitch length to 2, and sew alongside the inside of existing stitches- this will reinforce the new seam.

4. Trim back excess and trace onto other leg, repeat!

5. Sew edges with a blanket type stitch or overlock to prevent fraying.